The story


I’m Emre, co-creator of Instafall and I want to tell you about the story.

I always love Instagram much more than other social networks because I like the way of expressing myself with images. It is much more primitive and effective.

I was not happy with Instagram web application like many people where the idea came from.

Like Tweetdeck for Twitter, me and my buddy decided to create a similar experience for Instagram.

First version of Instafall was published in August 2014 with minimum features.

Until December 2014 we have added many features and changed our design.

Within 4 months we didn’t make any advertisement or announcement except to our close friends. The first version used by nearly 150 users.

In December 2014 we have launched the second version of Instafall

and we need more users for getting more feedbacks. 

3 January 2015 we’ve listed in ProductHunt and HackerNews at the same time.

Within ten days Instafall visited ~13K times and our registered user count reached ~2K.

ProductHunt vs. HackerNews

Total session percentage of HackerNews is greater than ProductHunt, however bounce rate, pages per session and average session duration numbers of ProductHunt is better.

Distribution by days for HackerNews

Distribution by days for ProductHunt

After the first day HackerNews originated traffic was gone, but ProductHunt still keep going.

Source: Google Analytics

I really appreciate to ProductHunt and HackerNews networks both for supporting us.

Last words;

If you need early adaptors for your startup, these two are the best places. You must take the advantage of this opportunity.