What is instafall?

instafall is a tool designed to use instagram more efficiently. The main objective is to monitor multiple live streams at the same time.

In particular, we think it will facilitate the work of the agencies that manages the marketing activities via instagram. For normal users instafall.com promises to explore new medias and people.

With instafall you can follow any user, hashtag or media flows in a specific location. In addition you can catch medias which are shared near by you in a circle of 1-5km.

instafall works completely with the instagram API and for this reason it doesn’t threaten the security of your account.

instafall is designed responsive, and easily can be used in tablets and mobile devices.

iOS and Android apps will take place in the markets very soon.

Features that will be added in the future are, with analyzes of the feeds of instafall users, will suggest locations, tags and users that may interest you and will be able to use multiple instagram account simultaneously.